Dr. Konstanze Zwintz


FWF Elise Richter Fellow

Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics
University of Innsbruck
Technikerstrasse 25
A-6020 Innsbruck



I have joined the Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) in March 2015 with an Elise Richter Fellowship and Grant of the Austrian Science Funds (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, FWF) entitled "Tracing the early lives of stars".

My research focuses on the analysis of different types of pulsations in pre-main sequence stars. For this I am using data obtained from the space telescopes MOST, CoRoT and Kepler K2 in combination with high-resolution spectroscopy.

Since December 2012 I am chairing the BRITE-Constellation Ground-Based Observations Team (GBOT) and since December 2014 I participate in the BRITE-Constellation mission also as a member of the Science Team (BEST).